Bounce back with our branded retail merchandise hacks

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It’s an exciting yet undeniably stressful time for the retail sector. Businesses are emerging from recent lockdown restrictions with the wind in their sails, keen to start making a splash again.

There’s still some uncertainty as to show strongly the retail industry is going to bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis. However, as you may have already read in our previous blog, retail recovery started a lot sooner than experts were predicting, and much of the data that’s being released at the moment is indicating that consumers have a great deal more confidence in the economy than they did this time last year. And, as we all know, confidence equals a willingness to spend cash. Things are looking up – but that doesn’t mean that, as a brand, you should be resting on your laurels, kicking back and waiting for your customers to find you. You still need to market yourself well, and that means investing in your brand identity. 

Hallmark works with hundreds of customers in the retail space. We appreciate the challenges you’re facing in terms of getting your brand out there and setting yourself up to compete – and we know how to help you create and deliver a brand impression that’s second to none through quality custom merchandise.

Here are 5 sure-fire ways you can give your branding an extra boost this summer, with advice straight from our seasoned consultants. 

1. Upgrade your merchandise for a more luxurious look and feel

When it comes to investing in labels, tags and other components that are vital to your retail business, it can be tempting to go down the cheapest route just to save a little cash. But trust us when we say that customers can spot the difference between run-of-the-mill materials and quality goods from a mile off. 

Our advice? Go for premium options whenever budget allows. For example, level up your standard adhesive labels for more tactile woven or cotton labels. Go for thicker, more robust shopping bags. Spend time crafting bespoke designs in place of simple templates. You only get one chance to make a great impression – and superior products will do much of the hard work for you! 

2. Think about how you can add value

It can be easy to overlook the little things when you’re putting together a branding strategy. But spending some time adding value with the smaller details will set your business in better stead in the long run. Seemingly straightforward additions to your packaging or merchandise – like security seals, patch labels, anti-return ribbons, and even loyalty cards – will all play their part in establishing your brand as professional, credible, and a true market leader. 

We’ve got the finer details covered. Check out our wider range of products for items that will really help to set your brand apart. 

3. Get your shipping merchandise up to scratch

Chances are you’re selling much more online these days. Many companies in our network embraced the shift to ecommerce that took place at the start of the pandemic – and as they did so, they started to understand the importance of creating brand packaging that’s not only strong and durable, but also designed to showcase their brand in the best light. 

From using custom packaging tape to investing in experience-enhancing extras like printed tissue paper, scented promo cards and eye-catching personalised mailing bags, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your shipping boxes and bags. Talk to us for tailored recommendations! 

4. Go eco where you can

As climate talks dominate the headlines, everybody is trying to do their bit to save waste and lessen their impact on the environment. Customers are increasingly looking to buy from brands who demonstrate a willingness to use eco-friendly products and materials, so to stay in their good books (and do your bit for the planet), you should seek out recyclable or biodegradable products wherever possible. 
Luckily, Hallmark offers a fantastic range of eco-conscious products for responsible retailers – just drop us a message to see what’s available. 

5. Say ‘thank you’ – and mean it!

We’ve been talking about the role that gratitude might play in your branding strategy for well over a year now, as you’ll see from this blog from last March. And our opinion on this hasn’t changed: a little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way, and a timely ‘thank you’, said with sincerity and meaning, is a powerful way of keeping people onside and making them feel like they matter. 
We can design and supply branded thank you cards that can be slipped into bags, boxes and sleeves as a nice surprise for your customers. 

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