Branded corrugated boxes: eco-friendly and easy to create

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We may be living (and working) in challenging times – but this doesn’t mean that our customers are any less aware of the impact their activities are having on the environment. Businesses are still searching for marketing and branding solutions that are as eco-conscious as they are eye-catching.

In fact, companies are increasingly coming to us in need of printed merchandise that will deliver the desired results for their advertising or brand awareness campaigns, yet also boost their sustainability credentials.

Enter our branded corrugated boxes

Beautiful, practical, multi-purpose merch designed to meet all your shipping needs

We’ve mentioned the many benefits of using printed corrugated boxes in a previous post

From a branding perspective, these nifty little containers can be easily adorned with your brand colours. You can play it safe by adding a simple logo to the lid or explore more impactful design solutions with the use of quality block colours and custom illustrations, if you like. 

They are a malleable and adaptable alternative to other delivery materials, especially as they can be folded into unusual shapes to accommodate more unusual product specs.

A risk-free packaging solution

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, all of us are searching for safer ways to deliver goods to our customers’ doorsteps. These corrugated boxes offer a low-risk means of transporting online orders from warehouse to home – and their robust construction and water-repelling properties will ensure your products will remain safe and try during transit.

An environmentally friendly option

Plus, of course, branded corrugated boxes can be a much more eco-conscious alternative to other kinds of shipping merchandise. As long as the cardboard that is used to manufacture them comes from a sustainable source, these boxes can be considered a sustainable option. What’s more, corrugated boxes can be reused and recycled by customers with very little effort, so they’re highly unlikely to end up in landfill. 

How to get started

If you’re keen to start exploring design options for your branded corrugated boxes, or you’d love to learn more about how these smart packaging solutions can be used within your wider promotional strategy, contact the team here at Hallmark Labels. We have many years’ experience in helping businesses come up with new and exciting ways to ensure they remain front of mind – and we offer competitive prices on many of our design, printing and manufacturing services. 

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