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Personalised Mailing Bags

The printed personalised mailing bags from Hallmark Labels are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles, giving you greater choice and flexibility when it comes to your branded packaging. Our mailing bags are recyclable, however they can also be made from recycled, biodegradable, or compostable materials. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Why settle for run-of-the-mill packaging when you could create stunning custom printed mailing bags instead? These products are guaranteed to turn heads. 

As well as showcasing your brand while in transit, printed mailing bags will ensure your product catches the eye of your customer when it finally hits their doorstep. Our printed postage bags offer easy way to boost your visibility – and they’re more affordable than you might think. 

We can print the most simple designs to a full photograph image in process print. Our bags come in all sorts of shapes and thicknesses, and we can offer you two glue strips for customer returns. We can also manufacture your bags to have a carrier bag type handle for easy holding or use in stores. 

We are proud to announce our bags are either 100% recyclable or 100% oxo-biodegradable. 

And if you want to enhance and protect the product further with a unique texture inside that never goes unnoticed, take a look at our bubble mailing bags!